Frequently Asked Questions About The Ontario Review Board

Q. May I attend a Review Board hearing?

A. Review Board hearings are usually open to the public. However, the Review Board may close the hearing to the public if it is in the best interests of the accused and not contrary to the public interest.

Q. Where are Review Board hearings held?

A. Generally, hearings are held where the accused resides. If the accused is in custody in a hospital, the hearing will be held at the hospital. If the accused is out of custody, the hearing may be held at a hospital, court or at the Board’s offices.

Q. How can I find out the result of a hearing and the reasons for it?

A. Dispositions of the ORB are public as are the reasons unless an order has been made restricting public access. You may call the Board’s office and request copies. You may also find the dispositions and reasons on Quicklaw under the database orbd.

Q. Who are the usual parties to a hearing?

A. The accused, counsel for the Attorney General and the hospital where the accused is detained or to which the accused reports. Other persons may be designated as parties by the Board if the person has a substantial interest in protecting the interests of the accused and if the Board is of the opinion that it is just to do so.